Bless My People Foundation | Developing Better Health care for Everyone

Developing Better Health
Care For Everyone

eliminating health care disparities in the USA and Global communities

Our Mission to Achieve Our Vision

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Welcome to the

Bless My People Foundation

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We Believe


Communities that CARE: Community Action = Responsibility and Empowerment will be communities that flourish.

To Eliminate Health Care Disparities by working with health care professionals & communities to train, educate, empower, provide resources, collaborate and bring innovative solutions.

Our Services

  • Telemedicine/Telehealth Certification Training
  • Evidence Based Wellness Programs
  • Health Care Consultants
  • Health Care Updates
  • Health Care Resources


How We Can Help

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Our Six Values

  1. Training
  2. Education
  3. Empowerment
  4. Resources
  5. Collaboration
  6. Innovation

What We Do


The elimination of health care disparities among women, children and the disabled, low income and elderly populations.

Bless My People Foundation (BMP) is a nonprofit 501c3 created specifically to close the gap in health care disparities, interventions, and research. BMP's focus is to empower health care professionals, individuals and communities through training, education, health care promotion and services through our affiliation with Global Health Access (GHA) Institute an emergent technology training center and American Health Care Professionals (AHCP) a home health care company.