Our Story

Our Story

Bless My People was founded 2009 in the United States and has evolved into an organization that is helping to eliminate health care disparities in the USA and Global communities.

Disparities: Differences between populations in the presence of disease and health outcomes are well-documented in many areas. In the United States, disparities are well documented in minority populations such as African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinos, with these groups having higher incidence of chronic diseases, higher mortality, and poorer overall health outcomes. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association identifies race as a significant determinant in the level of quality of care, with ethnic minority groups receiving less intensive and lower quality care. Ethnic minorities receive less preventative care, are seen less by specialists, and have fewer expensive and technical procedures than non-ethnic minorities.

Bless My People Foundation (BMP) rejects that less fortunate communities deserve third-rate medical education, support and care. BMP strives to instill CARE in communities through compassionate, high-quality, safe affordable health services to individuals in need.

The mission is simple we exists to improve health care access by working to eliminate these disparities through promotion, awareness, education, supportive campaigns and resources.

Bless My People Foundations was founded by medical clinicians whose “people first” approach remains true today.

Our Health Care Solutions

  • Evidence Based Wellness Programs for non profit and for profit organizations
  • Telemedicine, Telehealth, Telemental, Telerehabilitation and Telepharmacy Devices and Kiosks
  • Community health care partners such as home health, hospice, out patient rehabilitation, clinics, pharmacies, doctors, hospitals and other