How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

Bless My People Foundation was formed with the idea to train and educate health care providers and individuals by partnering with: Universities, health care experts, NGO’s, CBO’s, faith based organizations, government leaders, and individuals to collaborate in one accord towards a healthy society whose focus is to eliminate health care disparities by using compassionate and scientific approach through charity, data analysis, outcome measurements, surveys and innovative solutions.

Global Health Access (GHA) Institute:

Global Health Access (GHA) Institute is committed to training and developing nurses and health care professionals on best practices when using emerging technology such as telemedicine and telehealth. Our strategic goal is to develop professionals as the declaration of quality and reachable services depend upon a workforce wrapped in knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies. This Institute’s people seek to improve outcomes for all individuals across their lifespans. For a nation to thrive its citizenry must be knowledgeable. We drive to inspire knowledgeable communities by connecting learners to their edifying pursuits.

Proud Supporter of WHO 2020 International Year of Nurse & Midwife

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Next Level Nursing (NLN)2020 Series

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